SSR Hi Volt Brushless Servo (27kg) Visualizza ingrandito

SSR Hi Volt Brushless Servo (27kg)


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SSR Hi Volt Brushless Servo (27kg)

Digital HiVolt standard servo with Brushless brushless motor and metal gears.

The latest generation of SRT servos provides you with the power you need for any use in aircraft, ships, cars, as well as robotic "toy" models. They are standard sizes with HV power supply up to 8.4V, in a metal housing for perfect performance.


  • Ideal for 1/8 scale on-road and off-road cars
  • Excellent torque
  • SSR Mode compatible
  • Incredible efficiency and low power consumption
  • The standard size is ideal for vehicles where you want to use high-quality servo
  • Titanium and steel gears for higher accuracy and longer durability
  • CNC aluminum housing for improved cooling
  • NMB two main bearings
  • 25tooth output shaft
  • HD 4096 resolution
  • 2ms Dead-band


  • Type: Digital
  • Bearing: Dual
  • Engine type: Brushless / Brushless
  • Gearbox type: metal
  • Gearbox material: Titanium & steel
  • Control system: pulse width control
  • Operating frequency: 1520µs / 330hz
  • Operating voltage: DC 6 - 8.4V
  • Operating temperature range: -10 to +60 degrees
  • Operating speed (6.0V): 0.10s / 60 degrees without load
  • Operating speed (7.4V): 0.075s / 60 degrees without load
  • Operating speed (8.4V): 0.070s / 60 degrees without load
  • Tensile load (6.0V):
  • Tensile load (7.4V):
  • Tensile load (8.4V):
  • Potentiometer drive: direct drive
  • Dimensions: 40x20x38mm
  • Weight: 70,0g
  • Wire connector length: JR 250 mm